Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sarah Palin isn’t the only one who had to decide what to do with a bunch of clothes that the party bought for her. When she went back to Alaska after the election, she had $150,000 worth of clothes from places like Saks Fifth Avenue. When all those liberals raised a stink about the GOP spending that much money on the VP candidate, she said that the clothes weren’t hers to keep. They were just to wear during the campaign. After all, you can’t wear the same outfit day after day if you want to look successful. In between her various speaking engagements, she is sorting out the clothes she had before the campaign and the clothes bought by the Republican party.

Ms Palin isn’t the only one facing that kind of problem. Family Values VP candidate Rosie Thibideau didn’t have a lot of clothes to wear as she campaigned. She was and is a mechanic at the Madawaska garage, so most of the time she wears jeans. She would have been happy to put on a clean pair of jeans on the campaign trail, but campaign operatives insisted that she dress up a bit. They held a few bake sales and such to raise over $500 for new clothes for Rosie. She spent most of it where she usually buys clothes, at WalMart.

Now she wants to get rid of those “political” clothes. She feels more comfortable in jeans anyway. She explains that she has always had one dress that she wears maybe once a year, and she doesn’t need any more fancy duds. The rest of that stuff is going into a garage sale. That includes a pair of high heels. She much prefers her usual work boots. “Can you imagine me wearing high heels while I’m taking an engine apart?” she asked.

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