Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Former Madawaska second grade teacher Colette St. Pierre claims that while she was a member of the school board, Rosie Thibideau tried to have her fired after Thibideau’s daughter failed a reading test. Ms Thibideau admits that she talked to the elementary school principal about St. Pierre’s qualifications, but that had no connection to daughter Mercedes failing her reading test.

“That woman was teaching those youngsters a bunch of secular humanist stuff,” the former school board member said. She told those innocent children that the dinosaurs had lived millions of years ago. Anyone who reads the Bible knows that the world is only a little over 4,000 years old.”

Rosie also seemed surprised when she was told that Russia had invaded Georgia. “That must of happened during the playoffs,” she said. “During the playoffs, I don’t watch anything else on television.”

She hoped that the situation would be cleared up soon, she said, because she planned to go to Orlando sometime this winter, and she didn’t have to have to go through Russian checkpoints when she drove through Georgia.