Saturday, May 28, 2011


At last count there were 37 Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election. That doesn’t include people no one ever heard of or who have no chance in hell of even being nominated.

Former Speaker New Gingrich has too many negatives. A born-again Catholic, he cheated on his second wife and tried to say he did it for his country. He also keeps shooting himself in the foot. Not a chance.

Ron Paul creates a lot of excitement among a small of group of people, not enough to get him the nomination.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has good conservative credentials. Compared to some of the Republican firebrands, T-Paw seems fairly sane. The problem is, compared to them, many people find him boring.

Mitt Romney has been the front runner since the last election. His problem is that he wobbles back and forth on every issue. To his credit he was governor of Massachusetts when that state enacted medical insurance program much like the new federal program. Unfortunately he keeps trying to deny it. After all these years on the campaign trail no one knows where he stands. On anything.

One-term senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum lost his reelection bid by 18 points. A loser.

Congresswoman Michele Bachman is a lawyer but she doesn’t seem to know details of American history that we would expect any seventh grader to know. It’s hard to take her presidential campaign seriously.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman served as U S Ambassador to China until this January. A conservative who is respected by liberals, he seems too sane to win the Republican nomination.

Is Sarah Palin running or not? She won’t speak to the “lamestream media” because they twist everything she says. Although she still excites a lot of conservatives, she is losing support among mainstream Republicans. Democrats hope she will run because she seems so shallow that it will be easy to defeat her.

Haley Barbour is a good ole boy and former governor of Mississippi. He wisely decided that he had no chance of winning and withdrew his candidacy.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said not just “no” but “hell no.” Politicians do change their mind, but we don’t expect him to run in this election.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels thought about it and said “no.” It seems pretty clear that he means it.

Mike Huckabee, who thought that Barack Obama grew up in Kenya, gave some thought to running for the presidency again. When he realized how much money he would have to give up from his books, speeches, etc, he said “no.” Wise move, Mike.

It’s hard to believe any sane person would believe Donald Trump’s candidacy. Oh, yes, that’s right; we’re not talking about sane people; we talking about politics. Even his hair should disqualify Trump. How much time does he spend every day making sure his hair is just right? He would never have time to preside even if he were elected.

Where does all this leave retired English professor and former presidential candidate Dr. Carl Perrin? He is not saying. If he runs at all, will it be as a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent? No one knows. The only thing anyone knows is that knows for sure is that the basis for Perrin’s campaign is that he will be in favor of cheap beer.

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