Thursday, January 6, 2011


Like other Western governments, the government of Romania is feeling the pinch financially. They tried to increase revenue by putting an income tax on self-employed people—like astrologers, fortune tellers, and witches. Big Mistake. The witches in particular are incensed. They are casting spells on the government that initiated the tax on their businesses.

An especially powerful group, the Violet Flame, practices on Thursday. To protect themselves, members of the government wear mauve every Thursday because that protects them against the evil attacks.

Meanwhile, back in the U S, former Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell still insists she is not a witch. Nevertheless, she is unhappy about the IRS because it is investigating what has been called a misuse of campaign funds for her personal use.

Former presidential candidate Dr. Carl Perrin takes Ms. O’Donnell at her word when she says she is not a witch. However, Perrin has questioned O’Donnell’s qualification for the Senate. He has taken to wearing mauve every Thursday. He doesn’t believe in any of that witchcraft stuff, but why take a chance. You never can tell.

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