Sunday, December 6, 2009



People in Leisure Village are still talking about events that occurred on a recent Saturday night when former presidential candidate Dr. Carl Perrin crashed his three wheeler into a fire hydrant and a tree. Perrin refused to talk to police, insisting that he had broken no laws. He also refused medical assistance, saying the only thing he hurt was his dignity when he fell off the three wheeler.

His wife, the beautiful red-haired Janet, appeared with a golf club, which she used to move a tree branch from where it had landed on Perrin’s leg. No one is sure where the golf club came from, since neither Carl nor Janet plays golf.

Unfortunately, Perrin’s reticence has created speculation about why he was riding around Leisure Village on his three wheeler at 8:00 in the evening. Some have speculated that he was headed for the convenience store just outside the village where he planned to get a chocolate bar—even though he is supposed to cut down on sweets.

Since the event Dr. Perrin has not come out of his condo. He still refuses to talk to the police or the press. He has even withdrawn from the spring production of the village’s Bare Bone Theatre, in which he starred in last year in the title role of “The Burglar Returns.”

Perrin’s publicist, Aristotle Mongoose, asks that the public and the press respect Dr. Perrin’s privacy.

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Bill said...

I left a wedge leaning up against a fire hydrant the other day. Maybe that is mine.