Monday, October 20, 2008


Florida congressman Tim Mahoney was elected in 2006 to replace disgraced congressman Mark Foley. Foley gave up his reelection campaign and resigned his seat after his naughty messages to male congressional pages were made public. In his campaign for the congress, Mahoney promised that no one would catch him doing what Foley had done.

True to his word, Congressman Mahoney kept his escapades strictly heterosexual. A few days ago news of his affair with a campaign aide became public. While he was running on a family values campaign to replace Mark Foley, he was conducting a little extra-curricular thing with campaign aide Patricia Allen. Later he spent over $140,000 to keep Allen from blabbing about their activities.

Now it comes out that his wife and Ms Allen were not enough to keep him satisfied. It seems that Mahoney had an affair with a “high-ranking Martin County official” in 2007. This was while he was lobbying FEMA to reimburse Martin County for damage caused by hurricanes. Obviously Mahoney is a man who knows how to mix business with pleasure.

The congressman says that his wife has known about the affairs for several months, the payoff money did not come from campaign contributions, and he did nothing illegal. That’s reassuring. For while we thought that the family values crusader had done something wrong.

Mahoney admits that he had "multiple" other affairs, though he couldn't say how many, because he had lost count. "You're asking me over a lifetime?” he asked. “I'm just saying I've been unfaithful and I'm sorry for that.”

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