Saturday, December 15, 2012


What has happened to loyalty? Sales of some brands of once popular beer have declined drastically over recent years. Former presidential candidate Dr. Carl Perrin, a big fan of cheap beer, has seen some of his favorite brands dropping out of sight. One of his favorites, Old Milwaukee, has see a 53 percent drop in sales from 2006-2011.

Another favorite, Milwaukee’s Best, has declined even further, by 57 percent. Milwaukee’s Best, is “brewed for a man’s taste and is highly drinkable and highly affordable.”

Part of the decline is caused by a switch to light beer, but sales of Milwaukee’s Best Light, another of Perrin’s favorites, have fallen by 36 percent from 2006-2011.

In 2008 Perrin ran for the presidency of the U.S. on a platform of cheap beer. He stayed out of the 2012 election, but you can bet your boots he will be running in 2016. Someone has to stand up for cheap beer

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