Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Donald Trump is threatening to endorse one of the Republican candidates for the presidency. Trump’s endorsement, of course, would be a kiss of death, like an endorsement from Dick Cheney. Anyone endorsed by Trump would soon lose any rational supporters. If Trump thinks he is okay, there must be something with him.

Former candidate Dr. Carl Perrin was considering going back into the race, but Trump’s threat changed his mind. It would be just like the Donald to endorse Perrin so that potential supporters would back away.

Perrin has something else to look forward to, though. Alec Baldwin showed once again what a jerk he is when he got booted off a plane in LA after he refused to turn off his cell phone. Baldwin had done some television ads for Wegman’s Food Markets. After customers complained, the company pulled the Baldwin ads. (He had been hired after stating that his mother was a loyal Wegmans customer.)

Perrin figured that Wegmans must be looking for a actor to do some ads. Perrin has been on stage in lots of amateur plays, and he is the author of Elmhurst Community Theatre ( Perrin’s mother never shopped at Wegman’s, as far as he knows, but she did loyally shop at Publix Supermarket in Fort Lauderdale. Maybe they could use some ads by a celebrity like Perrin.

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